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Whether it’s due to a developmental disability or trauma, certain children need extra-special care in order to thrive. Some parents are unaware of the options available to them for extra help outside of the hospital. Stellar Healthcare offers a “step-down” option where children can receive round-the-clock monitoring and specialized care in a comfortable setting that feels like home.

Providing round-the-clock pediatric care.

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    Long Term Pediatric Residential Care

    With our home-like setting and fully invested staff, Stellar Healthcare creates a space where your child can rest, grow, and thrive year after year. Community-building activities and involvement in scholastic pursuits, as appropriate, encourage the long-term development of each one of our patients.

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    Temporary Rehabilitative Care for High Risk Patients

    Just one step removed from hospital care, our team of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians can handle any challenges that arrive quickly and capably. Our on-site physical therapy encourages patients to continue their recovery in a safe and supportive space.

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    Support for Extreme Pre-Term Infants

    We care for extreme pre-term infants born as early as 24 weeks’. Our ventilators and life support equipment is up-to-date and impeccably monitored in order to nurture these precious and vulnerable children. We prioritize frequent and easy parent visits in order to ensure you can stay connected with your little one.

How we make healing happen.

Our experienced staff focuses on the individual needs of each patient.
  • Specialized care for extreme pre-term infants.

    Extreme pre-term infants need both specialized equipment and a caring touch to see them through. With flexible visitation schedules for family and 24/7 monitoring, we can help your child thrive.

  • Integrated health team coordination.

    We build customized medical management plans for each patient based on the best medical advice of their health team. With monthly reporting and informed patient advocacy, we provide the eyes and ears that your primary physician needs to give the best care to your child.

  • Highly Specialized Nursing Staff

    Our nurses and technicians are often employees for life. With specialized, site-specific training, we foster caregivers who perceive patterns and identify signs of distress before others would.

  • Community-Centered Programs and Activities

    In order to help our patients thrive and grow, we encourage active participation in community-based events. From trick-or-treating to joyous birthday celebrations, there’s always something going on at our house.

  • Educational Development

    Education opens up doors for children. As appropriate, children attend school with the aid of a nurse or attendant. Others opt for on-site tutoring and home study according to their needs.

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