Exceptional care for extraordinary children.

Full time residential care for medically complex young patients.


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Exceptional care for extraordinary children.

Full time residential care for medically complex young patients.


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About Us
Stellar Healthcare was founded in 2006 with the following principals: Compassion, Honesty, Transparency and Accuracy.
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Stellar Healthcare is Medical Group Home contracted with the Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide skilled nursing services for children with complex medical conditions. Stellar Healthcare is a Skilled Nursing Medical Group Home that is contracted with the DDD to secure children with complex medical needs.

Our mission and our passion is to provide a comfortable, safe, and loving environment where every child can blossom.

Comprehensive services tailored to your child’s needs.

Offering a range of services and specialists for any condition.
  • Specialized care for extreme pre-term infants.

  • Integrated health team coordination.

  • Highly Specialized Nursing Staff

  • Community-Centered Programs and Activities

  • Educational Development

Trusted by patients, parents, and referring professionals.

Learn why caseworkers and pediatric doctors confidently recommend us.
  • Patrick Collins


    As a parent, there are fewer decisions that we have to make that are more difficult than deciding whether or not to place our child in a group home and which one at that. The decision could also be the most loving decision we make.. Our decision to place Lexie in a Stellar Health Care group home was the best decision we have made for our daughter in her entire life.

    Our special children deserve nothing but the highest quality of care that is offered. The feeling of guilt dominated our thoughts while we were deciding. Because of how much time, attention and energy that was required just to care for our disabled daughter everything else in our lives suffered. But that all changed when we met Kim and Kelvin Smith at Stellar Health Care.

    I have absolute peace of mind as a parent that my daughter Lexie receives the highest quality of care and the management goes above and beyond to make sure we know what’s happening with her. Her health improved substantially, typically being hospitalized 3-5 times a year to maybe once in the past 3 years. She loves the staff, her roommates especially. I can say with absolute conviction that never once in the 10+ years she has been in their care, never once have I had any reason to question or doubt quality of care.

    Not only did our daughter’s health improve, so did ours. Everything we do and for and with Lexie does not feel like a burden too heavy but now it’s a huge blessing. Do not give in to the feeling that you would be giving up on your child, abandoning them by placing them in a group home, especially one owned by Stellar. It would be anything but.

  • Michelle & Michael


    “I cannot say enough about my experience at Stellar Healthcare. My son Michael was a patient there so we could prove to the court I was able to love him and care for his medical needs. We stayed in one of the rooms together where we had 24 hour 7 days a week medical staff to assist in anything that was needed. Every second there felt like we were at home away from home. We were welcomed and treated with kindness and respect the entire stay. I can say with great certainty and absolute honesty Stellar Healthcare is a special place for anyone with medical needs and even for family who just might need a break. You can trust your loved one will be taken great care of. Here’s a picture of my son Michael after his bath on our first night at Stellar Healthcare. It was our first night together alone after 6 years of him being in foster care. With my whole heart thank you Stellar Healthcare!”

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